Sustainable Development 1

Happy Fruit is led by its CEO Tanya Romero. With her work, Tanya tries to contribute to a more sustainable world. Passionate mother, who has managed to break paradigms in rural areas and one of her objectives is to inspire women to fulfill their vital purpose as women and in society.

Sustainable Development 2

Our products and services are based on the 3 fundamental pillars of sustainability. Being environmentally respectful, having a positive impact on the human being and generating responsible economic alternatives.

Sustainable Development 3

It’s never about quantity, it’s about quality. Each of our products are unique and handmade, made in our factory where we create products to heal.

Sustainable Development 4

We focus our tourism on a personalized experience in order to achieve a connection between people and nature, through our conscious eating, ecological lodging, walks and guided educational experiences.

What is permaculture
for us?

Live a permanent culture.

It is a development model that seeks sustainability in which we seek to satisfy our current needs without sacrificing the needs of future generations.

To achieve this, 3 fundamental aspects must be considered:

That our actions are respectful and coherent with the environment, that they are positive for the human being and that they can be financially sustained while respecting the common well-being.

Sustainable Development 5


Sustainable Development 6

Food and health sovereignty

They see food as medicine, and healthy food can only grow in healthy soil, so they don't poison the soil.

Sustainable Development 7


All its infrastructure is based on recycling, biodesign, artisan techniques and ancestral technology.

Sustainable Development 8

Economic sovereignty

We add value to the biodiversity of nature, such as organic and healthy products, We promote sustainable tourism, which allows us to cover needs and thus contribute to goals of social development, health and conservation

Sustainable Development 9

Ecological agriculture

They work ecologically; nature is its great teacher; They observe and ensure harmony.

Sustainable Development 10

Preserve nature

When we take care of nature, she takes care of us. Nature is our home and we try to do everything in harmony to live with Pacha mama.

Sustainable Development 11

Social development

Through our international volunteer program in which teachers from all over the world join and contribute to improving the education of children and youth in the community.

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