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Happy Fruit is a model farm in sustainable development with female leadership and promoters of well-being through medicinal foods and experiences that connect you with your inner happiness and raise awareness about how to live in greater harmony with the planet.

All our farm and products have national organic certification, for the European Union and the USDA, as well as FDA certificate for the United States.

We are a specialized tourism destination with high quality services among our clients we have 5-star international tourism companies who prefer us for our emphasis on sustainability and service identity.

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Hello! We are the Happy Fruit family, we love God and nature. We are blessed to live and work on these incredible lands, which we invite you to visit us.

It was our father who started the farm 35 years ago, he inherited us not only a farm but also his knowledge to which we added some of our own to make this farm a wonderful sustainable development project.

Happy Fruit is currently an agroecological farm, a forest, an organic product factory, a sustainable agrotourism site, a free school for the children of the community, a center of light and life.

It is our home.

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A jewel of the El Oro province, Happy Fruit has 17 hectares of biodiversity

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8 hectares of
agroecological organic farming

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9 hectares for the conservation of the
tropical dry forest

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Woman of faith, passionate mother,
nature lover and free spirit.

Tourism Engineer with 17 years of experience.
Chef and creator of medicinal foods.

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Founder of Happy Fruit.

Tanya has managed to break paradigms in rural areas, because she has never considered it a disadvantage to be a woman who manages a plantation.

As the leader of Happy Fruit, she has been able to express her feminine essence and translate it into all aspects of the farm.

Tanya wants to have a positive impact in the world that connects with the well-being of nature, society, and the economy and that generates a sustainable development model not only for the farm but for Ecuador and the world.


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Cris Toala Olivares is an award-winning Ecuadorian photographer, journalist, and storyteller with experience in ground and aerial photography of natural and urban environments.

National Geographic photographer, TED speaker, for his talent and vision he has been recognized with countless awards around the world.

Cris as an explorer and treasure seeker has tasted the world, and in Happy Fruit he found the best xocolate in the world, with which they decided to make Edible Art.


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Undisputed leaders in luxury adventure in the world.

Our alliance with Abercrombie & Kent is based on offering differentiated agritourism and gastronomic experiences to cruise ships that arrive in the province of El Oro; with the exclusivity, comfort and authenticity that they look for in the 7 continents.



We are located in Ecuador, province of El Oro, Arenillas. In the Panamericana and entrance to the Santa Marianita river.

By own car we are only 40 minutes from Machala and 40 minutes from Huaquillas. Taking the Pan-American highway in the direction of Arenillas.​

When you have arrived, on the Pan-American highway you will find a sign "Welcome to the Santa Marianita Spa" and the Finca Happy Fruit sign. Continue 200 meters and you will find the entrance to Happy Fruit.​

We are only 20 minutes from the Santa Rosa airport, 40 from Tumbes (Peru) and 20 minutes from the border with Peru.​

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